Nationwide Dehumidifier & Desiccant Rental for Commercial/Industrial Facilities

Castros Cleaning & Restoration is the premier source for large-scale, commercial and industrial dehumidifiers and desiccants throughout the United States. With the capability to mobilize equipment nationwide, we can offer our services far beyond the confines of our locally owned and operated shop.

Dehumidifier in room

What is Dehumidification?

Dehumidification is the removal of moisture from the air through dehumidifiers and desiccants. Desiccant dehumidification systems utilize a desiccant or a material that attracts and holds water vapor and are well suited to controlling humidity levels in commercial and industrial buildings. Air is pulled into the dehumidifier where it passes through the desiccant where the moisture is removed, then the dryer air is pushed out of the dehumidifier and back into the space. Desiccant dehumidifiers are the ideal choice for commercial, industrial, and large-loss restoration situations because they are capable of removing moisture from a large array of materials while creating a vapor pressure differential that allows for faster drying times.

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Cleaning Services in the Santa Barbara Area

Industrial Dehumidifiers and Desiccants

Industrial dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidification systems are the perfect solution for protecting your business or restoring properties troubled by water and moisture problems. With equipment rated between 5000-20000 CFM, Castro’s has the right gear for every job. We can help control humidity levels and dry water damage in:

  • Warehouses, storage areas, and manufacturing plants
  • Office buildings, restaurants, and bars
  • Indoor pool and spas

Disaster Response - Hurricanes

With our own equipment, semis, and trucks, Castro’s is at the ready to dispatch for hurricane disaster response from coast to coast. Our equipment is rugged and durable, making it suitable for travel. The industrial-strength dehumidifiers are able to successfully and efficiently operate under the extreme weather conditions associated with hurricanes with high-capacity moisture removal for large-loss hurricane response.