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Nationwide Air Scrubber Rental

As your leading source for air scrubbers and negative air rental equipment across the United States, you can trust that you’re getting the best quality from a locally owned and operated business across the nation with Castros Cleaning & Restoration.

Negative Air Machine

Air Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines

Air contamination like mold, dust, and other toxins can compromise the health and well-being of a building and its occupants. Air scrubbers and negative air machines can work together or separately through mechanical air filtration to filter and ventilate polluted air outside of an affected space. A negative air machine creates a vacuum in the air to push air out of the space faster than it can enter while an air scrubber can filter air inside a room without needing to be ventilated out of the room.

At Castros Cleaning & Restoration our air scrubbers and negative air machines can be used for large, commercial air purification purposes such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Packaging Plants
  • And more!
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Cleaning Services in the Santa Barbara Area

Air Scrubber Specifications

Castro’s offers a variety of equipment for large loss and commercial buildings. With equipment rated at 2000 CFM you can count on fast and efficient removal of particulates. Suitable airflow volume in your targeted space is integral to ensuring complete purification of the air in your space. Our vast fleet is 99.97% efficient at removing air particulates and diverse enough that we can design an air purification solution for almost any space.

Disaster Response - Wildfires

Local to Santa Barbara, Castro’s Restoration and Cleaning is intimately acquainted with wildfires and their devastation. Our disaster response team is ready with air scrubbers and negative air machines to dispatch to any wildfire. These machines are ideal for smoke and soot restoration and we can help you determine the best design for the damage incurred by your commercial or industrial property.

Whether you’re local to the Santa Barbara area or all the way across the country, call Castros Cleaning & Restoration anytime for a free quote to meet your commercial air purification needs.